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How it all started

Pilot Projects
Phase Two
National Curriculum
Support Systems

How does it work in relation to our school, the support hub and KMi?

Schools in each of the three pilot localities are invited to join the project and benefit from a range of tools locality are given the chance to plug in designed to get them up and running quickly.

Online training and support resources are available from a secure internet server, together with a range of other online information management tools which enable mentors and group leaders to keep track on their group’s activity.

All project management and resource provision is undertaken at
KMi in Milton Keynes – the centre – with local support being undertaken by mentors at designated schools. These mentors will provide assistance and some basic training to representatives of participating schools in a local cluster.

Project leaders (usually a member of the teaching staff or perhaps even a committed parent) will have online access to training resources and project management tools via a secure online interface.

Individual participants (students, parents, staff) will have access to an a specially developed online digital media library which will facilitate the uploading and sharing of learning media resources across the broadband network.

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