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Making multi-media resources accessible online

Once photographs, other images, video and audio clips are collected and edited, it is possible to store these digital assets on a central database in such a way that they can be accessed from anywhere on the internet (provided the user is granted access). This ability to upload media files and make them accessible to others lies at the heart of the CABER project. Thanks to the high-speed connection of broadband internet, it is possible for a member of a CABER group to place a collection of interview clips onto our central database server in a way that enables other members of the project to view them on their PCs. The system is built around a sophisticated database and search facility which allows browsers to select digital media resource files by topic, type, content or contributor, and is one which is designed to facilitate a high degree of collaboration between schools throughout the region and even beyond.

An Open University Knowledge Media Institute and Living Archive project
funded by the East of England Broadband Consortium 2002
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