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Pilot Projects

In January 2002, a six-month pilot project was set up with funding from the East of England Broadband Consortium (E2B) to see how we could manage a CLUTCH-style project with three schools in the eastern region’s primary sector. The key difference between this and the old project would be to test how we could train and support project members at a distance – their remote locations would preclude them from being to drop in for advice and tutorials.

The resulting three partners schools were given research topics applicable to National Curriculum Key Stage 2 History standards with the brief that they should attempt to collect a set of resources – text, photographic, video and audio – that would reflect life on the Home Front during World War Two. The result was an impressive collection of video-taped and audio-taped interviews with local residents who recorded their memories. An impressive array of period photographs, posters, ration cards and other memorabilia was subsequently collected, all of which has been used in the production of individual web sites. The general theme for these projects is World War Two and the Home Front. You can see the results of their work here:

Burston Primary School, Norfolk
Harrold Priory Middle School, Bedfordshire
Stanway Primary School, Essex

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funded by the East of England Broadband Consortium 2002
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