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Credits and Acknowledgements
Many people were involved in the creation of the multimedia resources contained in these web pages. We would like to thank the following people for all their time and effort in making it all worthwhile:

Betty and Connie Interviews:
Tafline Steen
Lisa Hancock (Camera 1)
Maurice Corion (Camera 2)

Mr Coleman interview:
Mr. Coleman
Tafline Steen
Tanja Deane (Camera)

Don interview:
Alessandra Bove
Matt Sharpe
Hugo Rawlinson
Lisa Hancock (Camera 1)
Maurice Corion (Camera 2)

Wartime and Modern Food Sequences:
Mrs Joan White who kindly prepared all of the food
Mrs Pamela Howells
Cassandra Stuart-Smith
Tafline Steen
Katie Gregory
Melissa Edwards
Lisa Hancock
Tanja Deane (Camera 1)
Emma Glauch (Camera 2)

War Logs:
Mr Keith Atkins
Mr Beech
Mrs Helen Earl (Typing Scripts)
Tafline Steen
Katie Gregory (Sound Recordist)
Cassandra Stuart-Smith (Log Translation)

Mrs White interview:
Mrs White
Tafline Steen
Tanja Deane (Camera)

Stephanie Bridgman (Director & Producer)
Mr David Earl (Media Dept Coordinator)

Harrold Priory Middle School April 2002

The project was made possible with funding from the East of England NGfL Regional Broadband Consortium (E2B) and coordinated by the CABER Project Team at the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University
in association with The Living Archive in Milton Keynes.

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