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About our project
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Our project has been undertaken as part of the CABER online history project being managed by the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) in association with The Living Archive and funded by the East of England Broadband Consortium (E2B).

The aim is to engage school students, staff and parents in local history research which is then recorded using digital video, audio and photography as a means of not only capturing aspects of local history but also providing a useful vehicle for those taking part to acquire ICT skills in school.

Digitised media resources - containing a range of video-taped interviews, oral history recordings, scans of the wartime school log book and other precious images - are being collated by school students in the course of their curriculum studies and will be accessible to other schools and members of the wider community via the internet.

The overall theme of the CABER project in this round has been Life on the Home Front in WW2. The topic of our project is Home Life within this category.

Year 8 pupils have been engaged in local research which has seen them recording video interviews and also creating other scenarios as a means of learning about what life was like for British people during the wartime years of 1939-1945. This website contains our project work to date, and more will be added in due course.

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