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Photo of Mr Tuck

London evacuees arrive in Burston

Mr Tuck was thirteen years old and attending Secondary School at the time of the evacuation.

As soon as war was declared, Mr Tuck was sent to his Grandparents. He returned home, only having been away for a few days, to the arrival of evacuee children in the village. Some were already living in his home. The children had arrived by train from Dagenham on the Thames in London. Two teachers, Mr Chambers and Mr Jones had been evacuated with the children. Both teachers lived with Mr Tuck's family for nearly two months. (Their evacuation is mentioned in the Burston Primary School Log Book by the entry dated 8th November 1939 to 23rd February 1940. To view the entry follow the link 'School Log Books' in the main menu above.)

Evacuee life in Burston

The school had to make arrangements to facilitate the evacuee children. Mr Tuck recalls one of the new arrangements:

At the end of a school day Mr Tuck would play with the evacuee children. He became friends with many of them.

"..they were used to town life and there wasn't really a lot for them to do in the country."

"..they found it very strange, but of course it was exciting.."

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