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Photo of Frank Howard

Frank Howard was seven years old when he was evacuated from his home in Enfield, North London. He was not evacuated until quite late on in the war, around the end of 1944. His evacuation was arranged privately by his father.

London and the dangers of doodlebugs

Frank was evacuated from his home as soon as Enfield was no longer safe from bombing and the dangers from the German Doodlebugs.

"..they weren't targetted anywhere, so everyone was at risk.."

The journey from London to Leeds

Frank made the train journey from London to Leeds with his father. It was a very long trip. Frank recalls the journey:

Franks father's Aunty was living in Leeds at the time but was too old to care for Frank herself. So, she arranged for Frank to stay with Edgar and Kath Kaufman, a couple who lived in the next Street. The couple had also made private arrangements for another child to stay with them.

Frank attended Cross Gates School, a school about the same size as his school in London. His days at the school were very enjoyable.

Home in London

Frank lived in Leeds for about 8 months. Frank's parents met Frank at their local train station to welcome him home.

"..I'd picked up a broad Yorkshire accent..and I was talking so fast becuase I was so poor mother, who hadn't been well enough to come and see me in Yorkshire, hadn't seen her ONLY son in eight months, couldn't understand a word I was saying..!"

Frank returned to his old school in North London at eight years old. Soon after his return his school friends knicknamed him 'Welshy'. Frank explains why:

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